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Spanos Barber Jesse & Co. Invests in Troy Lee Designs and Announces Dave Bertram as CEO
December 07, 2016
Spanos Barber Jesse & Co. (“SBJ”), a private investment firm with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Dallas, announced that it has completed an investment in Troy Lee Designs (“TLD”), a leading provider of off-road motorcycling and mountain biking gear and apparel based in Corona, California.  Founder, Chairman and Chief Design Officer, Troy Lee, has retained a significant ownership stake in the company and continues to lead TLD’s design efforts.

Troy Lee began customizing helmets as a young motocross racer and turned that passion into a business that is renowned worldwide for its innovative styling and designs worn by “the world’s fastest racers.”  TLD produces cutting edge helmets, protective equipment and performance driven apparel sold through independent dealers, international distributors and online retailers, including the company’s website.  The company also sponsors successful professional supercross and motocross teams as well as leading mountain biking riders.

“It is a privilege to partner with Troy and to be entrusted with helping him realize his vision for growing the company,” said Tom Barber, Managing Director at SBJ.  “Troy is a design legend and has built a truly exceptional brand, having earned the trust and respect of the best racers in the world as well as racing enthusiasts for over 30 years.  We look forward to working with Troy to protect and build on that legacy.”

In addition, TLD has named Dave Bertram as Chief Executive Officer.  Dave previously served as Founding Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Cycle Gear, the largest multi-channel retailer of apparel, parts and accessories for motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles in the U.S.  Under his leadership, Cycle Gear grew from a local retailer with three locations to a national chain with 112 stores in 34 states.  Dave also enjoyed a 10-year career as a professional motorcycle racer where he won two National Titles, five International Gold Medals and 10 state championships.  “I have always admired Troy and the TLD brand,” said Dave. “I’m thrilled to partner with Troy and SBJ as we work to unlock the brand’s full potential while remaining true to its heritage.”

“Over the years I’ve thought a lot about how to build my business and am absolutely stoked about the partnership with SBJ and Dave,” said Troy. “SBJ provides us with the financial support and strategic expertise that we need to take TLD to the next level.  And Dave brings a wealth of operating experience to help us tighten up our execution, which will help us serve our suppliers and customers even better and enable us to develop more of the awesome products we are known for.”

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